Honor Among Us Weekend 9/19/10

What a conference! What a weekend!  Honor Among Us was awesome. We traveled through nothing less than the Silk Road filled with spiritual treasures and liberating messages. We will never be the same. I will never be the same. The many who attended were blessed beyond their wildest dreams through the ministry of Pastors Danny and Sheri Silk from Bethel Church in Redding.

This wonderful team combined their gifts, wisdom, humor, down-to-earth attitudes, and seasoned lives to present foundational truths about the emergent apostolic church.

We learned on Saturday morning about the important role of women in this new season of freedom. For too long they have been shackled by our warped theologies. Women in society can be CEO’s of companies, presidents of countries, governors of states, and leaders in every facet of society, except one area: the church.

Danny Silk masterfully guided us through the Scriptures, theology, and history to debunk this false ceiling that we, the church, have placed over these precious saints. No more! I can actually see Kerry Fujishima, Michelle Abergas, Reshel Arias, Janice Vierra and many other liberated women putting blue paint on their brave heart faces and shouting from the top of the Koolaus: FREEDOM!!!!!! May all our women rise up to new heights of destiny and leadership because of the ground breaking truths shared at this conference.

The afternoon session had men and women breaking up and meeting in different parts of the Unified.. . campus.  Sheri spoke to the men and Danny spoke to the women. This was never done before, but should we be surprised? Unified.. .  and Laulima Ministries thrive on this one conference principle: “Do whatever you want, God.” All of their schedules and plans are sacrificed on the altar of submission to the Holy Spirit. Praise the Lord! I cannot think of any better way to do a conference.

During this time, both sexes received practical tools on how to relate with their significant other. The men learned about intimacy and communication from Sheri, the women received instruction about boundaries from Danny. It was a rich time for everyone.

The evening session had us dreaming again. So many of us have given up on our dreams in life, but God reawakened our hearts to the possibility of sharing our desires with God and seeing them fulfilled. Why does God want us to dream again?  Danny shared, “Because He loves us.”  Do we need anything more?

The Saturday conference left us all filled, encouraged, challenged, blessed and honored.  The worship team led by Pastor Rodney Arias rocked us with the sounds of heaven and set the stage for God to speak to our hearts. Way to go Rodney.

Pastor Danny spoke to us on the following Sunday morning about the new apostolic government.  In a nutshell, God has replaced the pastor/teacher/evangelist model of church leadership with an apostolic/prophetic model of government. The former is focused on meeting man’s needs and the other is focused on meeting heaven’s desires.  He defined the roles of the five-fold ministry and their importance in the body of Christ, especially the role of the apostle. He dispelled the rising-up-the- corporate-ladder mentality that espouses a flippant usage of the word apostle. We have a lot of self-proclaimed apostles, who are just great teachers, pastors, church franchisers, and evangelists.  That’s all they are. Apostles are appointed and anointed by God to carry out heaven’s mandate period!  They move in the supernatural, with a focus on healing and signs and wonders.

God has given the apostle a heavenly blueprint for the church, and with the help of the prophet and the rest of the five-fold ministers, is used by God to bring greater freedom, breakthrough, and expansion for the Kingdom of God. The apostle’s desire is to bring heaven down to earth, not an increase in church membership. A true apostle would lay down his or her life for the church and not for any selfish agenda to promote their own kingdom.  It’s heaven’s model.

There was a lot more shared about the apostolic government, so get the CD’s. You will be blessed.

God laid a new foundation in many churches this past weekend.  The church of Hawaii will never be the same.  I know Unified.. . will never be the same.

Thank you Pastor Danny and Sheri Silk for blessing us with your now word from God.  It was a kairos moment, full of destiny and spiritual weightiness. We were blessed.  Our cups overflowed!

Thank you Pastors Dean and Kerry Fujishima, Pastors Paul and Lisa Lucas, Pastor Arlen Nagata, the Laulima Board and volunteers, and the rest of the precious servants of God for sowing into the spiritual destiny of Hawaii.  Many were blessed.

Thank you Jesus for blessing our lives and blowing our minds with this conference. Eternal things were accomplished. A new foundation laid. Honor reestablished!


  1. Robin Hart

    I enjoyed reading the write-up on the conference almost as much as the conference itself. Great job on both. Thank you!

    • Frederick Turner

      I attended both Saturday’s conferance and Sunday’s message on Apostolic government. I felt previlaged to attend such a great avent. I invited Robin Hart to this conferance and am thankful for Pastor Dean’s invitation to Danny and Sheri Silk to come to Hawaii.

  2. Great weblog. A thumbs up for you for writting it.

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