Breaking New Ground Conference (Part II)

Breaking New Ground Conference
Part II

Saturday morning started off with awesome worship and then whole families got their spiritual tanks filled with nine God Encounter stations. There was a throne room, complete with gems, a river of life, and a beautiful throne draped with golden tapestry and other royal colors; a worship station equipped with shofars, percussion, and even didgeridoos; a bowl of incense prayer station that focused us on personal prayer; a blessing bowl station filled with prophetic objects; a gate of thanksgiving lashed together with real bamboo and a cross latch; a fruit of the spirit table laden with twelve kinds of fruit; a soaking room to saturate your lives in the presence of God; a prophetic art studio to paint the revelations of God; a praying-for-the-nations section to inspire our own hearts about world missions and to wake up the angelic forces over continents. “Wakey, wakey!!!!!”

It was rich, thick with God, creative, inspiring, refreshing, and empowering to all our lives. We were blessed by the presence of Papa at all the stations, especially the throne room.

After an awesome lunch, we were then sent out on our own commando missions to do the ‘stuff’. We fanned out to Waikiki beach, Kahala Mall, Kawaiahao Church, Pali lookout, Diamond Head, Kapiolani Children’s Hospital, The State Capitol, Palolo Valley, and Walmart. Some did treasure hunting evangelism, others did prophetic art, while others just prayed, or performed prophetic declarations over the land and buildings. Every group’s testimonies were profoundly inspiring, ground breaking, life changing, eternity shaping, and mind blowing. God showed up big time! Get the Cd’s of the conference to hear in detailed fashion the God stories everyone shared, especially the stories about how he used the children. You will be blessed.

The conference ended with extended worship to our generous King of Kings, with us singing A-L-O-H-A over our two ministers from Bethel, and with an anointed-for-wealth IRS agent and his architect wife praying God’s blessings over our finances and tithes. It was a fitting end to a power packed weekend. Was new ground broken? You better believe it. Actually, God caused a spiritual seismic rift in the old so that new spiritual land could emerge. Families will never be the same. Individuals will never be the same. The church will never be the same. Hawaii will never be the same.

Am I exaggerating about what happened this weekend? Absolutely not! It was an awesome time. I will never be the same. Jan and Aimee will never be the same. Many will never be the same. Honestly, this family conference was one of the most weightiest and life changing experiences in my life. It’s true: a little child shall lead them. God has used one of the least in the eyes of the world (the children), and even in the eyes of the church, to lead us into greater freedom and ‘stinkin goodness’ (Pastor Lauraism).

Sunday morning kept the transformation fires burning red hot. It was an auspicious October, Sunday service. Exactly nine months earlier, the gun went off with the transferring of Living Streams Christian Fellowship to Unified.. .; thus, signifying a full term birth on 10/10/10.

You could feel it in the air, this sense of deeper unity, deeper love, deeper destiny, deeper everything. The numbers ten x 3 (Acceptable conformity to God’s plans, fullness) and seventeen (transition, change, new day, fullness into perfection) were highlighted. David was thirty when he finally ruled and reigned. Joseph was the same age. Both were tested by God’s word before they transitioned into the new. Our church has gone through the same testings. The prophetic messages ran deep and strong on Sunday morning. It was crazy good!

Pastor Dean also shared some struggles he had this past week, but realized the enemy was planting lies in his mind. The same was happening with Pastor Kerry. They realized that to combat the spiritual attack, they needed to thank God for everything. Soon, they were laughing in The Spirit and victory overwhelmed their minds, filled their lives, refreshed their vision, infused them with joy. Pastor Dean’s and Pastor Kerry’s transparency blessed us all. Many of us could relate.

Pastor Deanna shared a similar message of faith over information with her powerful testimony of battling breast cancer. Faith is very different from information. One requires action, the other means nothing without it. Martin Luther, the great reformer, broke faith down into three parts: noticia (knowledge), fiducia (belief), and ascensus (will). True faith requires knowledge, belief, and the will to carry it out. Faith without works is dead as James stated in his letter. Pastor Deanna understood her situation required true faith. Her battle cry then and on Sunday morning to the saints was “JUST BELIEVE!” The true work for believers is, “JUST BELIEVE!”

The enemy will comes against our minds, so we must take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ, and believe and act on the truth. Too many let their dreams die. She shared, “It’s not okay with God for our dreams to die.” It was a powerful message.

It didn’t end there. During the earlier part of the service, a gust of wind blew into our sanctuary while pastor Dean was sharing. I heard a thud on the left side of the stage. I sensed something landed in our service. I asked God what it was and I heard in my spirit, “A messenger angel had landed to give revelation.” I asked God to confirm by just letting it rest in my heart and spiritual eyes. For the next twenty minutes I saw the angel of the Lord grow clearer and clearer in the Spirit.

So I walked up to Pastor Dean and told him that I thought a messenger angel landed and had a message for him, but he had to walk to the left side of the stage. He walked there and nothing seemed to happen. It was cool with me because that was the first time I ever did something like that. I chalked it up as a learning experience.

What blew me away, however, was this: Pastor Deanna moved to the exact spot on the stage at the end of the service to bless us all with a mother’s blessing. She shared it was the first time she ever did anything like this and so needed God’s help and wisdom. The Holy Spirit guided her to the Angel of the Lord to receive His revelation for the blessing. This was mind blowing! After she gave the blessing, the angel left. I didn’t see Him anymore. Wow lau lau!

The whole weekend revolutionized our lives. God touched adults, children, and whole families with his love, power, and grace. We will never be the same! The conference and Sunday morning emblazoned these truths on our hearts: By faith, we need to encounter God to receive revelation from God in order to adventure with God. Our minds and hearts need to stay connected to heaven in order to impact the earth!!!!!!!! Someone needs to get nuts!!!!!! Do I hear an amen!!!!!!!

Thank you Pastor Dean and Pastor Kerry for providing the vision, perseverance, and apostolic covering to activate all our gifts to accomplish great things during this conference and beyond.

Thank you Pastor Michelle, Pastor Aaron, and the rest of your espirit de corp team, for taking the lead and mobilizing us all to serve the King with excellence and gladness. You folks rock!

Thank you Pastor Rodney, Pastor Reshel, and team for blowing off the spiritual roof of our church with your joy-filled and inspiring worship.

Thank you Pastor Deanna and Laura for infecting us all with your passion and love for children and for our Papa in heaven.

Thank you mommies, daddies, uncles, aunts, grandmas, and grandpas for sacrificing your time, your money, your energies, and your lives to invest in our keiki (children). You are all heroes!

Thank you Papa in Heaven for being just that, an awesome Papa!!!!!

God bless you all. I can’t wait till our next family conference. It may be happening sooner than you think. Stay tuned. Get involved. Jump in the water or else Pastor Dean will push you in! Ha! Banzai!!!!!! Imua!!!!!!!!! Alo-haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!