The New Song…

“I wanted to share some perspective briefly on the growth of the “New Song”. (We don’t have a title yet for this song and we are still going to tweak some verses and even add another verse that Reshel got on Saturday during the Kingdom Encounters.) There has been a rhythm that the Lord has been releasing through our church that I feel it is so powerful and trans-generational. Meaning that when it’s heard people are immediately impacted powerfully and that it doesn’t matter what age you are it’s going to move you. Two weeks prior I’ve been listening to different beats and rhythms. I honestly felt that on Saturday (This past Saturday) that we needed some kind of drums. I was tempted to call my friend to either play with us or let me borrow some kind of drum. The Lord didn’t want that.

So I was wondering what to do because I was carrying this rhythm but not knowing what to do with it. I’ve been noticing more than ever, creation around me worshipping. In some ways the Holy Spirit has been showing me that creation is actually waiting for us to worship along with them to make one sound. So carrying this we come upon Thursday night.

A simple chord progression started during sound check and words came down from Heaven upon the worship team and we wrote a song that totally relates to the truthful feelings you get when Jesus is in your life. I think spiritually the words express where the hearts of our church is at this point. Everyone says “Oh I love you Lord and I worship you” simply.

We don’t actually do the song Thursday night. Friday our families go to the beach at the Hilton. I notice the blue sky is alive, the water is clear blue and everything around me is bright. I just wanted in my spirit to say “Oh Oh OHHH” you know like we do in the song. I felt like a battle cry. It felt like we would join with all creation and make one shout to the Lord.

Friday we do the song and I mean I was blown away. Saturday comes and we do the song again and when Hoku and Kona played it and I felt the rhythm I was carrying, and it joined together with the words and the shouts, it was heavenly! On Sunday when we played it I felt like I got out the rhythm that was in me from the Lord. This song (As soon as the Holy Spirit gives us a title I’ll let you know) is the first song written at Unified.. . With our own words, rhythm and sound. The Lord has us on a great adventure and I don’t ever want to get off this ride it’s going from Glory to Glory. Love You LORD!!!!”

Pastor Rodney Arias