The Prophets Have Landed Part II (Celebration Service 10/17/10

The Prophets Have Landed

Part II


“Dean, is it okay to change channels now?” said Paul Cox after blowing our minds with the Melchizedek teaching. Dean said, “fine”. You could hear the church nervously chuckle. I thought, “Hold on to your seats!!!”


He then went on to say, “This church is being capped and stifled at this time. There is a group of people outside and inside this church that are plants from the enemy. They are being used to keep a ceiling over the fellowship.”  Jim Banks, a SOZO ministry leader, also came up to confirm this word.


At this time, I felt the fear of God come over the service. You could hear a pin drop as His presence moved among us, convicting hearts, deepening commitment, inducing repentance and spreading true health. God was cleaning up the foundations for this next phase of our church growth. It was a good burn in our hearts!!!!! “Were not our hearts burning within us while He was speaking to us on the road…? (Luke 24:32)”


Dean responded by encouraging and challenging people to a deeper level of commitment at the heart level; to do away with the independent spirit that masks itself as something Godly, but in reality, is a form of rebellion that breeds deception. He commended Greg Hamamoto for his humility and obedience to turn away from this spirit.


He then called on Mike Kanayama to share his testimony about his transformation from a scared, rebellious ronin (masterless samurai) to a true son, able to rest in God’s love and acceptance. The former prodigal came home and shared his desire to come under the fathering and mothering love and leadership of Pastor Dean, Pastor Kerry, and the rest of the leadership team. It was a powerful testimony! Mike became a true samurai (servant of his lord) of the Lord Jesus on this day. I sensed many prodigals or spiritual orphans in the audience were healed or gained direction on how to be healed by this testimony.


It didn’t end here. Dean then asked the congregation if they would forgive him for wanting to quit the pastorate during a period of heavy spiritual oppression before the children’s conference. He was in his condominium and spoke these words out into the air privately, not in front of the congregation. Many Pastors have done the same, including me. He understood it was a spiritual attack and renounced it right away. He understood the power of his words, even though spoken in secret. The congregation heartily forgave him, and he reaffirmed his and Kerry’s commitment to them. He then asked me, Pastor John Vierra, to further break the orphan spirit on the church by doing the same.  God was leaving no stone unturned! It has to begin with leadership first! Praise the Lord!


I stood representing myself and past pastors who released into the spiritual atmosphere of this church fear, abandonment, and the orphan spirit by verbally saying I was only here temporarily and would leave in the days to come. This was in direct violation of Jesus’ teaching regarding His role as the Good Shepherd, who would never abandon the sheep.  I thought I was being humble by these statements, but in reality, it was based in my own orphan mentality, frustration with work, and a false sense of humility. It, however, unleashed instability and fostered the orphan spirit already resident in the church.


I asked for forgiveness, and the church graciously forgave me and all the previous pastors who served in this place.  Jan and I reaffirmed our commitment to them and to Pastors Dean and Kerry. It was an awesome time.  The teachings, testimonies, confessions and releasing of forgiveness broke many bondages this past Sunday, especially the orphan spirit. The foundation was further cleansed!


In a nutshell, the orphan spirit is an attitude of heart and a spiritual oppression on believers and non-believers, which began in the Garden of Eden, and was further compounded by experiences of rejection, abandonment, and by our own sinfulness. It’s a spirit that doesn’t understand the freedom of true sonship and God’s unconditional love. It’s a spirit that lives in fear of earthly leadership; it produces the fruit of an independent, rebellious spirit that wanders from place to place; it is unwilling to obey and submit to any form of earthly leadership because of fear and control issues; it is fueled by works; it is unable to rest and receive the Father’s love.  It’s pure bondage!


God dealt a huge blow to this oppressive spirit this past Sunday. The sons and daughters of God at Unified.. . are moving into true, sonship with Him. We are all spiritual sons in the eyes of God, heaven bound, enriched with an inheritance protected from thievery and rust, unconditionally loved, linked by faith to Christ, and able to walk in rest and deep faith.  It’s a place of freedom! It’s a place of blessing! It’s a place of comfort!


Truly, ‘my cup doth runneth over’ with peace, joy, and love. Every Sunday has been filled with impartation and destiny. I’m ready to explode. I’m also seeing freedom bust out all over the place in many lives. This pastor is blessed. This is God’s work and it is marvelous in our eyes! Thank you Jesus! Thank you Dean and Kerry for your transparency! Thank you leadership of Unified.. .. Thank you people of God for stepping out in faith in obedience. Malama pono everyone. Love you folks


They that wait upon the Lord will renew their strength.

They will run and not be weary.

They will walk and not faint

Isaiah 40:31





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  1. Thank you John for chronicling what the Lord is doing at Unified. We are all grateful for these testimonies. Aloha!