Worship in Spirit and Truth


I’m really amazed at how God reveals Himself to us in worship every week.  I think we really felt heaven touch earth in pre-service prayer where we let go of our spirits and worshipped the Lord not through some structured song but through our hearts. As a worship team we had to just play “with the Spirit” and just flow with what was released in the atmosphere.   As everyone released what was in their hearts through their mouths it sounded like many sounds. It was a special moment where worship was not lead from the front or the stage, but the spirit led it.


            There are times for passionate worship leading, but when the children of God come together not worrying about who’s next to them, or depend upon a big song to lift their spirit, but instead rush to the Lord on their own, Heaven meets earth and the Lord rests upon that worship to Him.


John 4:23  But the hour is coming, and now is when the true worshippers will worship the Father  in spirit and truth.


Be blessed and encouraged and may you encounter the Lord in ways you’ve never seen or heard before!!!



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  1. Great blog! I like how everything is well written. I will be back to check for new posts. Thanks!!