Dear Unified.. . Women

Dear Unified.. . Women,

Last night we had an awesome time among us men. We worshipped, ate the best “beef stew”, and fellowshipped with each other. I wish I could have said it was a challenging and life transforming time. Outwardly it may have not seemed that way. But if you really looked good, it was in a different kind of way!

Men’s Gooder Friday for the month of December will be Men’s Gooder Saturday on December 11. The men will be taking on two home improvement projects at Unified.. . The first is our church office, the second is the main women’s bathroom. Yes, God did answer your prayers!

As a gift to the Lord and Annina, and as a special gift to all the women who use this bathroom, the Gooder men of Unified.. . have decided on a Christmas gift to you our women. (Families are also invited to come.) Actually, more hands make for light work. Hmm, I heard this before, “laulima.”

But I wanted to share my heart about this. It is easier and more convenient to just hire professionals to come and take care what needs to be done. In our busy schedule packed culture, this has become the norm as we strive for ways to save time and be efficient. Our affluence and busy schedules have served to fertilize this type of culture. Yes, the work could be done better if professionals did the job, but we in turn loose so much in the process. Easily we look to the god of money for the remedy as we willing kneel to offer our sacrifices to the god of time.

Have you ever thought why would the Lord choose to partner with us to establish His Kingdom on earth? He could do it all by Himself if He really wanted to. But why did He come to earth and reveal Himself to us in the first place? A Relationship! As we partner alongside Him in building His Kingdom, we learn to experience Him, which in turn teach us more about who He is and the way He thinks. We can only truly love someone by being with that special person. This also applies to us. As we partner with each other in serving, there are opportunities to talk and share our stories. It is in the story telling that we get to learn about someone and understand each other better. We connect in deeper ways and a stronger community is formed! Although a “spirit of excellence” is a very high value, even the occasional mishaps can serve to add richness to the overall experience thereby making the journey even more memorable.

I want you to know I am so proud of the way our men have risen up in our “family.” They are becoming the leaders God called them to be. The overflow from our times together as men, hopefully, will overflow back into your homes. This will happen because iron sharpens iron!

I have a request from all Unified.. . women. As we celebrate Veterans Day, would you take time today to remember your own veteran at home. Your hubby! Would you honor him by thanking him for a job well done! We as men don’t always get it right and we don’t always win every battle we fight. But possibly more important is that we are still fighting the battles and we haven’t given up on winning this war!

From My Heart to yours,