Prophetic Foundations



How do you summarize and bring commentary to a school focused on the prophetic? Its like catching water from a fire hose using a small plastic cup. The task is somewhat daunting. I will try to connect the dots, or in this case, follow the sound of the thunder and lightning emitted by God through his servants, Kris and Dano. The shaking and rattling are still reverberating through my inner man even as I write. Can you still feel it?


The word that comes to mind when I think about our time is this: foundational. Ive been to prophetic events where encouragement and hope were the primary fruits eaten and assimilated. We received these blessings and more, but this prophetic school was way more weighty and intentional then the prophetic drive-thru experiences of the past. God trained an elite army this past week. There was a seriousness in the air that caused us all to listen and pay attention. We were being prepared for something big very big.


Kris Vallotton and Dano McCollam, as I shared earlier, released many bolts of lightning throughout the training time that blessed and encouraged us all. They came streaking at us from various angles and levels of intensity. How can you bring order to heavenly electricity? It's possible, but instead of writing it out in narrative form, I will list these main points for you to mediate over and assimilate on your own. Here are some of the main ideas:


1. Knowledge puffs up, but revelatory knowledge causes you to walk in humility. The more you learn, the more you dont know.


2. The Bible does not tell people to pray a prayer to receive Jesus (primarily the four gospels and the book of Acts).


3. The goal of every wilderness is promotion. When you win your personal victories you get feared in hell and famous in heaven. 


4. 1 Corinthians 12 is not about spiritual gifts, but the spiritual world. Paul was addressing former polytheists.


5. We need to live from the third heaven. Many Christians live in the second heaven and just react to the enemy.  We are called to live in the third level and dictate the terms of the battle. Your heavenly position keeps you grounded and safe.


6. We are living stones and not living bricks. Each of us has a specific place in the building of Christ.


7. The gift of prophecy in the NT is a gift offered to everyone. The office of the prophet releases the grace for people to move in the revelatory gifts of the Holy Spirit. One is focused on doing, the other is on being. The office is not for everyone. It is a calling. It is the gift.


8. God loves everyone the same, but he favors people differently.



9.  The gift of prophecy in the NT consoles, exhorts, and edifies. The OT prophets primary function: judgment.


10. If you are going to be in the body of Christ, welcome to the world of wounds. Iron sharpens iron.


11. There is always a giant in the promise land of your destiny. War against fear. Seek breakthrough.


12. Prophets have tri-vision: insight, oversight, and foresight.


13. God creates opportunities for us not to take.


14. Your authority is based on your metron (measure) of influence.


15. Your calling is confirmed by an encounter with God, a public calling, and an internal knowing in your spirit. 


16. We live in the last days and not the last day. It is the favorable year of the Lord. We are called to save and not judge. Prophetic ministry is finding the gold in people and not sin.


17. Denominationalism unites around theology. The apostolic government unites around family.


18. The pool of Bethesda ministry is the old pastoral model of church. The river of Ezekiel 47 ministry is the new apostolic model.


19. We need to operate from our heavenly identity and not our earthly one.


20. We need to know who Jesus is and who we are in the eyes of God.


21. Dano talked about many practical ways to increase our ability to hear the voice of God. I encourage all to get the MP3 of the prophetic conference and listen to these helpful insights. Its worth getting not only for this information, but for all the jewels shared during our time. It was awesome.


As you can see, each point could be a separate article; maybe even a separate book (stay tuned for some articles). The Spirit of God was imparted on our lives in great measure through Kris and Danos ministry. They combined deep insight, raw honesty, great humor, and a fathers love to all through their messages.


I would like to take some time now, if I may, to share some extra commentary on the school of the prophets. Another important theme that came across loud and clear was this: it's time to mature into adulthood – spiritual adulthood. Prophets exude this exhortation naturally. They dont have to say anything. They just look at you and you hear,  "Grow up!" It's down right scary if you ask me. It's a good thing.


Beloved church of Hawaii, its time to take up the responsibility of our own walks with God and feed our selves. The apostolic model of church compels us to move toward real maturity, not the unhealthy codependency of the past.


We are called to spend time with God and hear His voice. We are called to drill our heavenly identity into our psyche until we walk comfortably and confidently in the right persona. We are called to put off rejection, shame, inferiority, fear, and anger from our lives and walk free. We are called. Its up to us if we want to be commissioned. Eye-popping, destiny-inspiring prophecies are good, but fulfillment of the call (commissioning) is way better. Obeying and living out the truths shared at this school will set you on the right path toward this positive end. 


At this prophetic school, foundations were laid, lies exposed, and commands given.  Beloved church, its time.


Thank you Kris, Dano, and the Bethel ministry team for rocking our world with the Fathers love. Thank you LMI and Unified.. . volunteers for your wonderful servant hearts. Thank you Dean and Kerry for walking in Gods favor so many in the islands and in the world could be blessed. Thank you church for hearing the voice of God and obeying.


Thank you Father, Son and Holy Spirit for sending your prophets to bless us all with the high and glorious call of heaven.




  1. Brenda Wong

    Thanks Pastor John. What a wonderful summary!!! You do have a special gift in writing. Thanks for all your insights! Glad to partner with you.


  2. pastorjohn

    Honored to partner with you too, Brenda. God bless you.