Glory in the Highest


Glory in the Highest!!!


We should just be worship unto the Lord. It's often easy to get caught up in the latest sound, look or song in a worship context. Our minds can even have a picture of what we think worship should or shouldn't be. In a way we start to worship, worship. Everything we do, and say as children of the Most High God, should reflect a heart of worship to the Lord. It's a lifestyle that I want to encourage everyone to go deeper into, especially during this Christmas Season. 


We sang "Glory In the Highest" by Chris Tomlin on Sunday.  I remember Chris Tomlin saying in an interview about writing this song that "Glory in the Highest" was a declaration made by all the angels in heaven praising God at the birth of Jesus (Luke 2:8-14). It was amazing to hear the body sing, “Glory in the Highest.”  It felt in my heart like we were singing with the angels. We were the worship to the Lord. It's so good to hear everyone in church sing!!!


May the Christmas season draw us closer to God.  I want to encourage all of us, now more than ever, to be worship. Be God's love song, be God's victory song, be the song that heaven is singing and let the world see through you the King of Kings, and the Lord of Lord's!