A Special Invitation! Unified…’s First Anniversary and Baptismal Celebration on January 30!

Dear Unified … Family,

In a few weeks, Unified… will be officially one year old on January 17, and we plan to have a celebration!!!! The date we have decided upon is Sunday January 30. We will be combining our 1st Anniversary with our 1st Baptism.

We will have a sign up sheet this Sunday for those who plan to be baptized and/or attend our Celebration Luncheon. Look for the sign up sheet at the Welcome Center. We will be serving Hawaiian food for lunch immediately following our Celebration Sunday. The baptism will be done on the playground area of our church using a portable swimming pool. For those who don’t eat Hawaiian food, we will have other main dishes for you to enjoy.

If you are being baptized, please plan to attend a 15-20 minute class Pastor John will be having on Sunday January 23 after service. There is no restrictions on the number of times one can be baptized. For some it will be your very first time, others may want to be re-baptized as a recommitment to the Lord, while still others may have been sprinkled and not immersed. You are all welcomed to get dunked!!

Please feel free to invite your family and friends to your baptism. It is a powerful witness of your commitment to follow Christ and a great excuse for your loved ones to come to church.


Pastor Dean