Freedom is a word that’s been on my heart since the beginning of January. Freedom is a word that brings hope and liberty to me whenever I hear it. What does freedom look like in worship?  In worship we are able to freely express our love and adoration for the Lord. In that expression the Lord himself inhabits our praises (Psalm 22.3) and His presence is real and tangible. Deep worship is an expression of love that comes from an honest and sincere heart broken before the Lord. The goose bump moments in worship or an aggressive shout declaring God’s goodness and character should be an outward expression of the inward heart of worship.


During the last LMI School of Worship, Ray Hughes spoke on the procession that King David led when bringing the Ark of God back to Jerusalem. David was at the front of the procession and the Ark of God followed.  Ray mentions that in those times after an army would win a battle they would parade into the city with the captives or slaves of the opposing army in the front of the procession, stripped down and dancing so that everyone could see. The King of the winning army would be at the back of the procession. In the procession of bringing the Ark of God back to Jerusalem, David is in the front of the procession stripped down to a linen ephod dancing with all his might BEFORE the Lord. Although David was King, this act of worship before the lord was a declaration to all heaven and earth that God was the true King and that he would worship God and recognize God’s true and sovereign place in his life as a King, Priest and Prophet. I believe this was an example of true freedom in worship.


What holds us back from Freedom in worship? Well, it’s ourselves. When we start letting the things of this world get bigger than our view of God we rob ourselves of experiencing God’s freedom and love in worship. Soon the things around us seem to get our attention more than God. It is so crucial to develop a lifestyle of worship rather than to limit our times of true free worship to Church. Freedom is there for all of God’s children if we want it and truly hold on to it in our day-to-day lives.