Mama’s Prophetic Word for Unified…

Dear Unified … Family,

Yesterday, Donna Jordan of YWAM called me and said, “I can’t make it to lunch, but I want to come to your worship service tonight. I think the Lord gave me a word for your church.  I’ll share it with Kerry and you when I see you.”

Donna travels the world extensively driven by a passion to train people how to hear and obey the voice of the Lord.  Peter and Donna literally left everything behind to follow the Lord.  Over the many years the Lord has proven to be faithfulI to them. Donna shared a testimony with me of how someone bought them a brand new condo in Kona, Hawaii.  Donna walks in the favor of the Lord.

Last night, Donna shared her word in our Celebration Wednesday and I was amazed at what she heard. Her word confirmed yet again what other mature apostolic and prophetic voices have said about our family at Unified…

I decided to share this with you, so you can discern the word for yourself.

I asked,   ” Father what is on your heart for Unified …… Church?”

I sensed His reply was, ” I love them and have called them for such a time as this. ( Esther 4:12- chapter 5:1-3)
They must take seriously the role I have given them in My Kingdom.
The “organized” church is in transition to a “family—ohana” church, where My children wait on Me, have fun with Me and only want to do My will. ( Mark 3:31-35).

Each member of this family is important. It’s not about giftings it’s about belonging.  The people of the land understand about family. It’s a whole new wineskin for the days ahead. I am the Father and I will be “hallowed” in this family. Out of love for Me I will be obeyed. You are Jesus’s mother, brothers and sisters. People will want to belong. My love will bring people to repentance and My love will cover a multitude of sins. ( 1Peter 4:7-11).

Don’t just let anyone speak to the ohana, make sure he or she has been sent by Me. You will know them by the fruit of the Spirit not the gifts.( Galatians 5:16-26) You will need such discernment these last days. I have called Dean, Kerry and the team to wait on Me, listen to Me , seeking first My Kingdom and My righteousness and walking in forgiveness  daily, toward those who have caused any hurts. It truly is a day of new beginnings ( Isaiah 42 and 43:18-19). 

Trust Me remembering My righteous ones walk and live by faith.( Hebrews 10:35-39 and chapter 11)

This church family will be a model to the nations and I will network you with other bodies of believers who have the same heart–Mine–here in the Islands.

Walk in humility, purity and the fear of the Lord.

Please do not abort what is on My heart. I trust you, do you trust Me? I love you. Do you love Me above all else? I want to reveal My secrets to you.( Psalm 25:12-14)

Know the power of prayer. The prayers of righteous sons and daughters are powerful and effective. ( James 5:13-20)

Baptism is key, it’s a sign you’re part of My family, My Kingdom.  Dedication of the little ones to Me and commitment of the family to watch over them  is very important to Me because of My love for these little ones.( Mark 9:36-37; 10:13-16). 

Partaking of  communion, the bread and the cup must be done in a worthy manner with pure hearts. You must examine your hearts before partaking, that is why many are weak, sick and asleep in My body.(1Cor.11: 27-32).

I will reveal more and more  to the elders of the church as they wait on Me.

I love you and pleased  with you and what is unfolding as you are led by Me, by My Spirit.( Romans 8:12-18)

Wow! Wow! Wow! What an amazing time we are living in!! Let it come Lord!


Pastor Dean