Arigato Unified…

Dear Unified … Family,

Arigato for your prayers today for me in service. Even as I write this, there was an aftershock of 7 magnitude. So far I have experienced 3 after shock greater than 4 in magnitude. I am staying in Ron Netsu’s house.

I will be returning home on Tuesday and flying back to Haneda on Friday, arriving at 11 pm and driving for 7 hours in the night to Sendai. Please pray as we will be traveling in the dark on roads we are not sure if it is all accessible.

I was told you gave over $10,000 to help the people of Sendai.

Thank you so much. I will be connecting with a pastor who lives on the mountain, where both valleys below his house was devastated by the tsunami. His house was spared. I plan to stay over the weekend. Although the Cherry Blossom are in full bloom, there are few tourists as most have left. As a result the economy will suffer. The Japanese government are encouraging the people to spend money and go out. Lights all over are half of what it usually is. Like in Shinjuku, it looks like a totally different city compared to its usual bling.

I had some time and just wanted to thank you from my heart. Please pray for favor as I will be returning to Japan on a standby ticket since Kerry works for JAL and I can use this benefit she has.

Please pray for divine contacts, but also I get wisdom and discernment how to use distribute the money raised. I do believe we are in this for a longer time. So there will be more opportunities to bless Japan. They are forecasting after shocks to continue of up to magnitude 7 for a year. That is a lot of shaking still to happen.

Yesterday I met with Roland Nishimura and Robert Matsumoto at the kick off of our Onsen church. About 15 people attended. We stayed for 12 hours, eating, sharing, getting a massage, furo, and salt bath. I ministered to several people there who came. I think we are onto something as the HS presence was so evident among us. It so fits the culture of Japan. I will share more later.

A big mahalo to our awesome pastoral team. led by Pastors Kerry and John. I am so at peace having the church under their care. It frees me to pursue the Lord here for his direction. See you soon!

I need to go now as they are waiting for me to eat dinner.

My love,
Pastor Dean