Heading to Sendai Japan!

Dear Unified … Family,

I have started to repack for my return trip tomorrow to Japan. I will be flying into Haneda, then driving through the night about 7 hours to Sendai. Ron, Tetsuro, and Izumi will be picking me up at Haneda airport. We will be staying at a Ryokan in the Sendai area.

While I was in Tokyo, aftershocks on the average of 6.4 could be felt several times a day. There was a larger one at 7.1 while I was there. In Sendai, it should be worst as we will be closer to the epicenter area. Yesterday, my mom shared that my grandfather came from Fukushima and my grandmother from Miyagi. Interestingly, since the earthquake on March 11, I have been desiring to set foot on the Sendai area. This should make this trip extra special.

We plan to meet with several local pastors in the area. This first trip is to mainly establish contact and access the situation of the churches. Even as I write this, we are still contacting pastors. I hope we will be able to eventually send teams from Hawaii to help with cleaning up and prayer.

When people find out that I am from Hawaii, they ask, “Why are you coming back to Japan?” Something wells up from deep in my spirit, and I reply, “Because my roots start in Japan. Japan is home. I am Japanese.” I then watch their eyes water up.

Home is really where your heart is, not what it says on a passport. Though we may have many places we call home, while we are here on earth, our ultimate home is with our Creator in heaven. That is why, we at Unified … will continue to do what we do. For the day we stand before Jesus to give an account and to hear Him say, “Well done!”

Our call by the Lord at Unified … is much larger than reaching Palolo Valley, Hawaii, USA, the nations, or the world. It is much more than healings, deliverances, prophetic ministry, worship, intercessory prayer, the word, feeding the poor, reaching the lost, leaving a legacy, family, yes, even revival. It is larger than any so-called movement we can ever be a part of. We are not only living in the end times, but now living in the end of days! Unified … we are being called for such a time as this! The Lord is bringing everything into alignment to make the kingdoms of this world, the Kingdom of our Lord and Christ. God is beginning to reveal, that He is the God of gods.

It is a great honor and privilege for Kerry and I to walk this journey with you. We are so proud of you.

Now back to packing …

From my heart,

Pastor Dean