Thank you for your generosity!

Dear Unified… Family,

Thank you for your awesome response and your generous monetary contributions to bless Sendai Japan. I will be leaving very soon and upon landing at Haneda will proceed directly to the Tohoku area. We should arrive early Saturday morning. I have been told all the major highways have been reopened. Leave it to the Japanese to work so fast and efficiently.

On Saturday, we have two meetings planned with some church leaders, and Sunday morning we have been invited to a church service in the Sendai area. Along with your monetary offering, I am also bringing a lot of goodies from Hawaii to share. The Lord has been gracious to me as I started to have a cold while I was in Tokyo a few days ago, but today I am already feeling much better.

Please remember to pray that we do not miss what the Lord has for us in sending us to Sendai. I feel it is much bigger than just going to provide assistance. In June, I will be attending a gathering of Chinese in Hong Kong called “The Homecoming.” Over 10,000 chinese are expected to attend. I was told some 25 pastors from Japan is expected to also attend. If this happens it will be a spiritually significant step forward toward Japan walking with China in the end times. As you know recently there has been a lot of tension between Japan and China in territorial fishing disputes. Due to the Tsunami, Japan received help from China for the first time ever, and 40 doctors from Israel was also let into the country. Japan usually maintains a very strict policy for medical doctors to practice. But they waived their requirements for these Jewish doctors. Prophetic???

If you would like to contribute to Japan, please make your check payable to Unified … with a notation Japan Fund.

Send your checks to:

Unified …
1419 10th Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96816

Thank you again. See you when I get back!!!

Pastor Dean