Exclusive Offer Just For Our Unified … Church Family! … for such a time as this!!!

Dear Unified … family,

I have an exclusive offer just for you our Unified … church family! Our house is receiving a tremendous blessing by the Lord. A dear friend of mine is coming to minister exclusively to our house on Sunday August 28. His name is Arthur Burk.  Last week Arthur contacted me via emailed and offered to come to Unified … sensing the Lord had something for Unified …  in this hour. It is a real honor to have Arthur come!

Some of you have heard teaching tapes or read books he has done, like “The Redemptive Gifts,” “The Mercy Season,” and “Blessing Your Spirit.”  But he will not be speaking on any of his previous teachings. He will be introducing some new tools which we anticipate will bring greater breakthrough and freedom in our house.

On Sunday, I shared on how the Lord will send His messengers ahead of Him to prepare the way for His coming! If you understand how the Spirit lead’s Arthur, you will appreciate the timing of this gift of God being sent to us for such a time as this!

This is very important for the unity of the spirit we need! If Unified … is your home church, meaning you are submitted under the leadership covering of our house and carry our heart, please make every effort to attend on Sunday August 28. Prepare for a longer than usual Sunday, as we will allow the Lord to continue to minister as long as He wants. Come expectant!

Again, this is very important!!! Please do not invite your friends or people who attend other churches on this Sunday. This is exclusively for you our Unified… family.  Arthur and I sensed that his visit is specifically for our church family only.

I will be sharing more in the weeks to come!  Mark your calendars!

*Please also remember on Wednesday nights in August, we will begin the 7 Mountains series at 7 pm.  I feel Arthur’s coming will also tie into this.

*Ray Hughes will be preaching this Sunday at our Celebration Service.  Be forewarned! Christ Church Kapolei will be joining us on Sunday, along with other people from the LMI school, so come early if you want close parking!

Yes, the Lord wants an even greater freedom in Unified … and He’s starting inside each one of us!


Pastors Dean and Kerry