Movie Night!!

Dear Unified … family,

Kerry and I went to see the movie “Courageous” before I left to Canada. It is an excellent movie. It is done by the makers of “Fireproof.” Due to the construction with our parking lot, we have not been able to meet for safety concerns while the construction is going on. Thus we have had to cancel all meeting, except Sunday services.

Pastors Aaron and Michelle came up with a wonderful idea … a movie night this coming Friday for the youth of Unified … and their families. After hearing this, I thought, this is such a great idea and what a movie for our whole church to do something together and see. Singles, married couples, families, there is something in it for everyone. It is more than a movie for men. It really speaks to everyone. It helped me work through the grief over my mom, I was going through. So I asked Pastor Michelle if I could send this invitation to everyone at Unified … to join with them.

Here is her letter with the information. Read it if you plan to come, because the movie has been selling out. You can contact her at [email protected] . Even if you can’t make it, I strongly recommend you see it. But bring plenty of tissues … it is a real tear jerker! Have fun as a Unified … family!! It is especially good to see it as a family together. You will be blessed!

Kerry and I can’t be there as we will be returning that night from a retreat we needed to take together. But our hearts are with you.

Just a suggestion, you may want to see if the tickets through Costco or Sam’s Club is cheaper. It may save you some money!


Pastors Dean and Kerry …