Unified… Celebration Youth Service 10/28/11

Dear Mighty Youth of Unified…

I hope that you are having an amazing week of rest and enjoyment with
your family and with Papa God! It is exciting to think of what the
Lord is preparing all of us for. We are definitely in a season of
preparation and intermission. I believe the stage is being set for
the next scene by international leaders and by our amazing Father and
Mother of Unified… Pastors Dean and Kerry. It is true that their
breakthrough becomes ours and yours becomes others!

Thank you for praying for the church grounds during construction, it
is so important to remember our house even when we are not there!
During this time of rest I’ve been reminded to spend time with my
‘first love’ and in my life that is Jesus Christ, King of Kings and
Lord of Lords! Take me back to my first love! You are the King of
the ages! He is such a good God and I cannot wait to hear of all the
God stories happening in your life when we meet again. Please also
keep our Youth Fundraiser in prayer, that is set for 11/27/11 right
after Celebration Sunday Service. We will be pre-selling tickets for
Kalua Pork plates and bowls starting next Sunday 10/30/11. Pray for
the Moody ‘ohana who is leading their very first fundraiser event at
Unified… and stay tuned for more information. We are cheering you
on Moody’s!!!

Because of the paving taking place next week, Pastor Aaron and I feel
led to cancel Youth Service for one more Friday. This is to protect
our grass and new driveway as many will not be able to see in the dark
where to drive and where not to. Also for the overall safety of
everyone. In the meantime, know how much we miss you and are praying
for you! Stay near, close and surrendered to His throne. Stay in
worship and in fellowship with each other. Blessings and joy from our
‘ohana to yours!

Pastors Aaron and Michelle Abergas