A Big Mahalo!

Dear Unified … family,

On behalf of our youth, I want to extend a big mahalo for your cooperation in making our youth “Recycle Can Drive” and “Plate Lunch Fund Raiser” a huge success! Pastor Rod and I are having a wonderful time in Singapore. The place we are staying is in the heart of the red light district of the city. I was told it is the second worst poverty place in Singapore. Honestly, so far it hasn’t been so bad. In the evening the streets come alive as people gather to eat on outdoor tables and the ladies of the night appear. One of the local pastors have a regular Friday night outreach on the streets to reach out to these women.

The atmosphere reminds me of a blend between Malaysia, Philippines, and Thailand. The food here is great. There are many places to eat and the prices are affordable. No I have not had the chili crab yet! I was told to get the best chili crab, we need to go the the oceanside restaurants which we will do at the end of the week. What I love about being here is the freshly squeezed fruit drinks that are available. I already had a dragon fruit and a honeydew melon drink.

Today we started teaching at the DTS (Disciple Training School). Pastor Rod did a terrific job as usual leading worship. I shared my testimony and did some teaching on the Holy Spirit. The students here are from twenty different nations. This is there last week of school before they leave this weekend on their outreach. There will be three different groups going to three different places. The places are Cambodia, Philippines, Mongolia, Macau, mainland China, and India.

I will be turning in for the night. It’s been a long and humid day! It’s the rainy season and boy do they have thunder here!

Thank you for your prayers.

Love you all,

Pastor Dean