Supernatural Lifestyle Conference Summary

The theme for the Supernatural Lifestyle Conference was simple: risk. God used Kevin and Theresa Dedmon to activate our church to step over the chicken line, the apathy line, maybe even the spiritual Mason-Dixon line between freedom from and slavery to intimidation. Let’s be up front with ourselves, we either succumb to fear or we simply don’t care. The conference nailed both right between the eyeballs. We need to take the leap to reach the lost. It’s that simple.

Honestly, I’m in a Canada state of mind: it’s a cross between processing all the intense messages from David Demian from a week ago in ‘Hongcouver’, while absorbing the rapid fire teachings of Kevin Dedmon and the finesse bombs of Theresa. I have brain damage now in a good way, in a sanctified way, in a Christ-like way. You could call it an accelerated renewing of the mind (Romans 12:1-2). Whatever the case, God meant business and we needed to push ourselves in these last miles of 2011. “Just face the mountains and take a deep breath.” That’s what my football coach used to tell me when we were all dying at the tail end of practice. “Just face the mountain of God and take a deep draught of the Holy Spirit.” It works.

As I slurped on my S & S Saimin and watched the Philadelphia Eagles pound the Giants, I pondered over this week’s happenings. I realized we sat under two office evangelists. Yes, we had the high privilege of listening and absorbing teachings from people who carry the experience, wisdom, and anointing to effectively reach the lost with the tools of Holy Spirit creativity. Theresa brought her amazing prophetic painting gift and timely teachings. Kevin even shared he received the mantle of Lonnie Frisbee, the signs and wonders evangelist of the Jesus movement, Calvary Chapel, and even YWAM. We were privileged. We were blessed.

He exposed the Platonic/Gnostic influenced Augustinian theology that puts an emphasis on repentance and mourning rather than love, joy, and peace. The two former philosophies looked upon the flesh, creation, and this world as basically evil, something to separate from, entities requiring laborious cleansing on our part. The upshot of their influence resulted in a serious and joyless Christianity. Kevin’s exhortation to laugh over sickness and death brought a refreshing wind of freedom. Instead of praying with sagging brow, we need to smile and laugh. From his vast experience, all healings and breakthrough came through joy and laughter, not mourning and crying. How sobering. How awesome! How Biblical! (John 16:24)

This teaching, in my humble opinion, was worth the price of admission. Get the MP3 download on the Laulima website and be blessed. It will go into much more detail.

I could go on an on about the Ezekiel 37, 47; John 17; Luke 6-7; and other teachings, but the emphasis at this conference was activation and just getting out there and doing-the-stuff. About a 100 or more people in the greater Honolulu area were blessed by the treasure hunts and arts outreach – some were even saved. From doing hip hop and seeing God’s Spirit drop on Palolo Gym, releasing amazing healings and prophecy, to a fire tunnel at 7 Eleven, Kaimuki, everything was over the top.

The treasure hunting experiences of team Uyeda also blew our minds, along with all the other amazing testimonies. In our presence-filled meetings, we prophesied, worshipped, danced, received healings, sent healing across the Pacific, painted, wrote poetry, and saw a multitude of people blessed by the creative power of the Holy Spirit. I received four prophesies from four different people and they all said the same exact thing. Was God trying to tell me something? Joel 2:28-29 was in high gear during these four days with the Dedmons. I was on cloud nine and even shared my dreams with others.

Yes, that’s it! The Dedmons helped us all to dream again. For too long, we have wallowed in the mire of only left-brain Christianity. It’s time for the right side to be activated! It’s time for the artists to arise! It’s time to spread our wings! It’s time to take a leak for Jesus! It’s time to take multiple leaks for Jesus! (leak the Holy Spirit)

I believe, without a shadow of a doubt, that our church and community will never be the same. The strategic timing of this conference was nothing less than impeccable in the life of this church. We received so much over the last two years. Now it’s time to unleash the evangelistic beast in all of us. We have no excuse. As Kevin shared: witnessing, like prayer, is not a gift, but a responsibility all Christians need to take up.

The twelve o’clock hour fast approaches. There is no time to waste. The Dedmons did an amazing job in activating us all. They fulfilled Pastor Dean’s request: Drop a bomb on our church! The payload of bombs annihilated all of our ‘manini’ mind-sets and set us on a course toward victory. Bombs away!!!!

Again, I encourage all to get the MP3 download of the whole conference. Kevin and Theresa gave some very thought provoking teachings that will encourage and set you free.

It’s time to defy the chicken line and become a super chicken of boldness. “Buck, buck, buck, buck.” For some reason, that doesn’t sound right, but you know what I mean.

Well, from breezy Hawaii Kai, it’s time to ‘moe moe’ (sleep). I enjoyed recollecting our journey while my wife was ‘snorking’ (a combination of snoring and soaking coined by Kevin) away. She can really snork! Love you folks. I’m so blessed that my family is on this adventure with all of you. Aloha kakou.