Holiday Reminder!!

Dear Unified … family,

I hope you enjoyed your Christmas and finding time to rest during this busy holiday season. Not much has been happening this week at our church facility as we have shut down to give our staff a week break and to finish some minor repairs.

However, our youth will be meeting this friday at their usual time of 6:30 pm!

As a reminder, we will not be having morning prayer time on Sunday January 1, instead we will be extending our refreshment fellowship time from 9 am – 10 am. Our Celebration Sunday service will start at 10 am.

What a blessing to be able to consecrate ourselves to the Lord to start the New Year!

Meeting on the first day of the year, January 1, 2012, we get to consecrate our lives and offer our hearts of worship to the Lord as a first of the year offering. By meeting we will be making a spiritual statement that everything is God’s and that He has first place in our Unified … family.

In continuing with the spirit of consecration and worship, we decided to receive a one time, first of the year offering, in addition to our regular tithe. It will be a seed offering for this upcoming new year. Would you please pray and seek the Lord about what He would want you to sow.

Also, we are inviting those of you who feel a leading by the Spirit to join our staff on a three day fast beginning January 2-4. Our staff will be on a food fast. Drinking liquids like juice and water are allowed. This is also another opportunity to consecrate the year to the Lord through fasting. During your time of not eating, use it to spend with the Lord. In other words, it should be a special time set a part just for Him. Ie: You can pray, paint, read your bible, etc.
There has been so many prophetic words released about 2012. Of course the Mayan calendar predicts the world would end. I believe that the world as we know it will end, but a better world for Jesus will be the result. 2012 promises to be a really exciting year! We want to position ourselves and be in alignment for God’s best!

Kerry and I, pray you will grow to know Him in ways you never did before!

Hau’oli Makahiki Hou!

All our love,

Pastors Dean and Kerry