Now You Can Post Testimonies On Our Unified … Website!

Dear Unified … family,

Pastor Arlen has set up our website to now post testimonies. If you visit and click on the tab “Testimonies” on the upper title bar you will be able to share your God story. We have limited your testimonies to 1000 words.

I will be reading what is posted and deciding what to post. Please allow me to make any editing changes or corrections if necessary.

If you haven’t visited our website, check it out!

Any healing, miracle, answer to prayer, or God story you encountered, please share it with us. This is a way you can help to inspire our Unified … family and give glory to God.

*If you want to post your prayer challenge testimony here, you can do that, or if you want to continue to send it to me at [email protected], feel free to do that to. Either way I will get it! Now you have two options two to choose from.


Pastor Dean

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  1. Charlene Lum

    I have a friend whose marriage is in jeopardy. This week her husband, a non-believer, was constantly in my thoughts; feeling sadness and emptiness. Since I was early for an appointment I decided to call her to see if I can pray him, as there was heaviness on my heart to pray for him. She didn’t think he was open for prayers, so I prayed to Papa. After my appointment I called her for another chance to pray for her. She said he was okay to receive prayers. As I prayed for him tears rolled down his cheeks. I asked him how he felt and he said there’s no difference. But he told me about a pain going down his left arm and numbness in his fingers. I prayed for that and laid my hands on his neck and upper back. He felt tingling down his arm, so this alarmed him. I mentioned that sometimes the Holy Spirit manifests through heat or tingling. I did have him renounce some things. After he looked more relaxed and his eyes looked sharper. Only time will tell if he is healed. The earliest he could get an appointment was 3/19.