Are Bus Stops Churches To?

Dear Unified … family,

I love Gregg H.’s heart to seed churches at bus stops! If he keeps it up, he will have congregations all over Hawaii and the world! But Gregg finding a Jolly Bee’s manager is a treasure in itself, ask all the Filipino’s. Here is Gregg’s amazing story!

Pastor Dean


Hi Pastor Dean,

Yesterday after work I stopped at a couple bus stops to ask about
praying for people.

At the first one, I just sat down next to a guy waiting for his bus.
He made a comment about hoping his bus would come soon and i began a
conversation with him. When he asked what bus I was waiting for, I
told him I wasn’t here to catch a bus, I was here to pray for him.

I explained about your challenge/comission to pray for strangers and
he asked what church I went to and said his name was Jeremiah and went
to Word of Life and that he was doing the same thing (something like

He agreed to let me pray for him and it sounded like he wanted to pray
for me too when his bus arrived. So we wished each other well and said
God bless you to each other and he boarded his bus.

After Jeremiah went on his bus, I went across the street to different
bus stop and began to talk to a Milla, a lady that was there by
herself with a bunch of packages. I said hello and explained your
challenge and asked if I could pray a blessing for her.

I think she asked me several other questions and we talked for a
little while and said she was Catholic and sometimes goes to a
Christian church with her daughter.

Milla agreed to let me pray a blessing for her and that she didn’t
have any needs (she was in good health and nothing wrong), so I prayed
for continued good health and whatever other blessings came to mind.

We talked for a bit more afterwards. She said she just had some
medical tests done (routine check up type tests), asked what ethnicity
I was, where I worked, etc. I asked the same of her – she is a
Filipino originally from Cebu, is a manager for Jolly Bee restaurant
(not sure of spelling).

By the time I left we both were lifted up and encouraged (our spirits
and countenance were lifted up and was brightened).