Bobbi’s Treasure Hunt Report @ Kahala Mall!

Dear Unified … family,

All I can say is More Lord! More!


Pastor Dean


Hi, our family joined together with the Unified… Treasure Hunters last night.

Christopher and I joined Pastor Chris’ group. We headed to Kahala Mall.


first: a guy who’s wife I felt was my “treasure”. He was so funny. He asked, “what will it cost?” when I asked if I could bless him & his wife. He accepted when I told him to do nothing but stand there and receive. He politely reservedly received and then thanked me.

second: a sales clerk lady in a gray sweater who was blown away, eagerly accepted the blessings, thanked me for blessing her and I told her, “no, thank Jesus, He is the One Who highlighted her.” She thanked me again.

third: a young sales clerk lady in the kid’s department. She thanked me for bringing the blessing. As I was leaving I heard another sales clerk ask her what is was all about and the lady who got blessed said, “I feel like crying.”

fourth: a young man, Dexter, got ambushed and “leaked” all over. I was all inebriated. He looked stunned. (this is the first time I was ever drunk, didn’t care, laughing and weaving my way through Kahala Mall, holding onto Charlene’s arm so I didn’t fall down. We were laughing so much. And then BOOOM, there was a young man crossing our path, just ripe for receiving a blessing.)

fifth: a young couple with their two young kids, the guy said, “I’m waiting to see the camera!” he laughed, sat back, received, his wife totally received and verbalized feeling blessed, she came into agreement with the blessings over their family.

sixth: my TREASURE!! This lady was it!! She had the right shirt on, was the right age and her name was “Lucy”, not “Nancy”…eh, close enough. At first she denied having issues to where I was told. After praying for her she said, “I receive that”. She began walking next to me as I was heading off to find Mark and Charlene. Then she said she had other issues, “private issues that she spends lots of time going to the doctor”. I again explained that God told me of one area in particular that I believe he want’s to heal. She then said yes, she had seen the doctor just today for that area. So, I prayed for her again. She then said, “Hallelujah!” Then I went on to tell her how much God loves her, He knows her needs and that he highlighted her to receive blessing and prayer. At this time, it was time to go. She turned back, smiled and said, “I guess I was meant to go back to this area.” (Macy’s lady’s department. The area I was told she would be in.)

So, this is my first time using a “map” I usually have simply go by whoever God highlights and I go with intention to find that person that fits what I see/hear from the Lord.

I think I was more blessed than the persons receiving blessing! Go God!!

first: a guy named Jonathan. He was homeless because of family issues. Chris and Chris prayed for this guy. Then we all, corporately, took the testimony of Tandy and prayed for Jonathan that God would bless his family, working all things out in reconciliation and forgiveness and that God would provide Jonathan a safe place to lay his head for the night.

Chris said he was blessed.

Jessica went with Paul and Betty’s team. She said she will email you separately.

Bobbi H.