It Always Pays To Honor!

Dear Unified … family,

David Demain shared a jewel of wisdom with us last week when he spoke at church. David said, “You can speak truth and bring dishonor!” I wanted to highlight this nugget of wisdom so we would remember that in a society longing for truth at any expense, we would remember to speak truth in a culture of honor. Our example is Noah’s three sons. Noah’s son Ham spoke truth yet brought dishonor to his dad. As a result Ham’s generational line was cursed.

It always pays to honor! Yes there will be times when what is true may be confusing to you! Always take the path of honor. Amazing, in Jude 9:

But even Michael, one of the mightiest of the angels, did not dare accuse the devil of blasphemy, but simply said, “The Lord rebuke you!” (This took place when Michael was arguing with the devil about Moses’ body.)

Do you see honor in this? I do! Do you see God in all this? I do!

I posted a testimony on Facebook, but I wanted to share this with our Unified … family! My wife, Kerry amazes me! If it wasn’t for her I would have missed a miracle.


Two days ago, my wife, a friend (Pastor Gavin), and I, were suddenly directed by the Spirit to go and honor a saint of God who was once used mightily in Hawaii. Churches she founded were a result of the amazing miracles which occurred. People were raised from their death bed then they gave land to build churches on.

Kerry purchased a potted plant which consisted of 3 red tulip buds. The buds were so tightly wrapped that I thought it would be a miracle itself if they opened up at all.

We took the potted plant and a dozen red roses (which Pastor Gavin bought) to her graveside. We honored her in our prayers and the legacy of her amazing life. We thanked the Lord for her and asked permission from the Lord if we could pick up her mantle so the anointing she carried could be activated in Hawaii again.

While praying, suddenly, all three tulip buds began to open up right before our eyes, and in 2-3 minutes they were completely opened. It was amazing! And the presence of the Lord was overwhelming!

Something Big Happened!!!!!


This was all the result of honor! I wanted to honor the Lord by obeying Him. I wanted to honor Pastor Gavin spiritual mom and pastor, Sister Mildred Brostek. (Sister Mildred Brostek was an apostolic leader in Hawaii who founded The Door of Faith Churches.) I wanted to honor Gavin and be there with him at her graveside. I had to bite my tongue to keep the culture of honor going by not saying something to dishonor my wife’s choice of potted plants … and by doing this the culture of honor was preserved!

The result: I gave honor and we received honor in return and saw an amazing miracle unfold before our eyes!

Remember, it always pays to honor!

From my heart,
Pastor Dean