Kahala Mall Treasure Hunt Report!

Dear Unified … family,

Here is a report from Kahala Mall by Pastors John and Janice’s group.

Pastor Dean


Hi Dean,

John and my group split into 3 groups:
1.Jan with a family from Kaneohe-Darcy is the dad, wife, son and daughter and their friends a boy and girl-prayed for 7 people altogether, plus 1 rejection.
2.John with Kwan Suk.-prayed for 5 people altogether, plus 1 rejection.
3.Roger with Cate and Aimee-prayed for 3 people each.

It was the first time on a treasure hunt for the family I took. Sorry, forgot all their names. They have come to Unified… before, had their daughter in TNT a couple times. They were nervous so I went first, then I ask who wants to pick the next one God highlights? I assured them I would step in to help pray if necessary, so the girl friend of the daughter, Kelsie, raised her hand. She picked a man with a son outside Game Stop. I suggested an opening line so she told them we were on a treasure hunt and God picked you to be our treasure. The man said, “O really?!” with a smile. He let us pray for him and Kelsie did a beautiful job praying for the man and the son that ran into the store.

Kelsie also said on her treasure map was a store that sold glasses. She didn’t know Kahala mall had “Sunglass Hut” so was happily surprised the kiosk appeared before us as we rounded the corner. The store clerk asked if we were Catholic. The mom said she had that background but that we were Christian. The man then said, “Because I’m Catholic.” I said, “That’s great!” Then I asked his name and he said, “Christian.” We all had a good chuckle, even the store clerk laughed. He let us pray for him and he had a big smile afterward.

Darcy approached a young couple in their twenties on the bench. The young man had red eyes and looked as if he had been crying/fighting with the girl or a lack of sleep-looked a bot wasted. Darcy struggled a little to find the words and tried to introduce our group but got his son’s friend’s name wrong so it was a little awkward and funny at the same time as that person said, “That’s not my name!” The couple looked strangely as they tried to make sense of who we were and what we were doing. As we continued to talk, they shared more about themselves and their countenance changed after we prayed for them. As we tried to leave, the girl jumped up to hug us! Thank you God, for using us in our weakness.

Everyone was well in Kahala Mall. Nobody had need for healing so that was my last goal before leaving the Mall. I spotted an elderly Japanese man walking slowly with his wife. He had knee braces on so I went over to him. As I introduced who we were and asked if I could pray a blessing on him and for his knees, he made a strange look, grabbed his wife’s arm and said a firm,”NO!” and rushed away fast on those knees! Maybe he got healed because he sure moved quickly on those knees?! Ha! Ha!

It was fun for me and Aimee said she wants to go again. I’m so proud of her for going on her actual birthday.

Blessings, Jan