This Coming Celebration Sunday: Doug Schneider!

Dear Unified … family,

The Canadians are coming!! The Canadians are coming! The Canadians are here!

David Demian shared with me that it was very unusual that the Lord would send him to a local church, 3 times in the last 5 months. But he did affirm that the Lord is up to something very unique in our midst, He called it a prototype church!

It is interesting that Arthur Burk identified both Unified … and LMI as mercy ministries raised up in a mercy season, placed in a mercy state, led by a mercy leader, with strong spiritual connections to a mercy nation, Canada.

It is interesting that in four weeks God sends 3 Canadian speakers, David, Doug, and Imiel from the west to the east coast of Canada to speak into our family.

It is interesting that Kerry and I will be visiting eastern Canada in May and June. We will be flying to Saint Johns, Newfoundland, essentially crisscrossing Canada. (Saint John is the furtherest point of the north american continent where the sun first rises.)

Yes, it is interesting what the Lord is doing. Since we only see in part we will only know in part. But The Lord has given us many words to encourage us that we are being positioned and aligned for something unique and special. Now is the time that we refine our focus to stay on our course!


Pastor Dean