Treasure Hunt Testimonies!!!

Dear Unified … family,

The testimonies are starting to roll in. Don’t forget to send your Treasure Hunt story to [email protected] .

Kevin Dedmon watched the video at . If you haven’t seen it yet check it out!

Here is Kevin’s response about your evening out. That is too funny! They should have all crossed the chicken line – of course looking the way they did was a chicken line! Interesting that it was connected with a laughter festival – The best way to cross the chicken line is by being drunk with laughter/joy of the Holy Spirit!

Maybe everyone should wear beaks the next time you go out. If everyone is drunk in the Spirit it could be fun! Is Paul and Betty U. in this video?

Here is Rowena’s story of last night.

Pastor Dean


On our way home from tonight’s Treasure Hunt I realized we were blessed with awesome clear weather 🙂 Thank you, God. The other thing that I was reminded of was that it is SO MUCH EASIER for me to step over the line when I am with others…I got to bless a bunch of people where I would have MAYBE spoke to one person if I were alone. Robbie, 8, summed up the evening well when he said, “This was the best Family Game Night ever!” So here’s what I remember, experienced, witnessed (mind you, Robbie and Sean Kanada kept running off, and then I’d see them praying for someone. Best guess, Robbie prayed for 3 or 4 people). Our mission field: Whole Foods market at Kahala Mall:

1. Guy with blue shirt (my clue), beard and long hair (Robbie’s clue) outside Whole Foods was receptive to receiving a blessing. Asked if there was anything specific he needed prayer for, and he mentioned his shoulder (on my list!) So as our family gathered around, Robbie prayed healing and blessing on Michael. Sorry, we were so excited to pray for our first person I forgot to ask how his shoulder felt.

2. Whole Foods has some really interesting stuff! So while I was distracted by this $20 block of edible honey comb an employee came up behind the counter and asked if I needed help. My initial reaction was, no, I was just intrigued by the honeycomb. And then, duh, I remembered why I was there and told her, actually, since you’re not waiting on any customers, I was wondering if I could give you a blessing? At that moment, a guy came up and asked her about fruit beer, then went on. So she said she would love to receive a blessing, but didn’t need prayer for anything specific. So I prayed a blessing of a good night at work on Emmy and great blessings throughout the night and even while she returned home. She said she considered it a blessing when friendly people stop to talk to her. So I said, wow! you’re blessings are already starting! Enjoy finding the rest of them!

3. Then I saw that guy who had asked for the fruit beer. He was on my Treasure Map — guy with hoop earring. So told him that I was there on a Treasure Hunt, although I’d lost my family, and that God highlighted him as one of my treasures, and showed him my Map. Then Bob and the boys appeared, introductions all around. He said he would like a blessing, so we prayed that he would not only be blessed, but would notice great things and small things, and recognize that it was God revealing His love to him.

4. In the hot food section I see a young man who has a bunch of hoop earrings and piercings, two items on my Map! So I approach him and tell him about the Treasure Hunt and show him that God highlighted him for a blessing. You wouldn’t happen to have a lightning bolt tattoo? I ask. He reaches for his shirt tail and as he lifts his shirt he says, I have a lightning bolt…keychain! LOL! There’s a huge lightning bolt key chain hanging on his belt loop. Pat F. was with me and we start cracking up. You really are it! His name was Mikey (Mighty?) and said he needed prayer for a test. So I declared that he would absorb information like a sponge, that God would give him clarity in his studies, knowledge of the materials. Then he said it was a Japanese test. Hey, I’ve taken Japanese Tests! So I can bless you for that! So I declare that all that he’s taken in would flow out of him during the test, and the answers would come to him as smoothly as if someone were just asking him for his address or his phone number. He was genuinely blessed!

5. At one point I see Robbie and Sean talking to a man who has a boy about six with him, and he agreed to getting blessed. I hear Robbie ask if its okay to put his hand on the man’s arm, so the guy agrees, and Robbie prays a blessing on him. Go, Robbie!

6. Back outside Whole Foods we are having a snack with the kids looking for more Treasure. Wyatt complains, I didn’t get to have a Treasure Map. So I tell him, you can pass out these blessings to people (Sean Kanada had written blessings and put them in sealed envelopes, gave a bunch to Robbie to give away). Wyatt was so happy to get to participate. So we encouraged him to give them to people as they came out of the store. At first they were walking by so fast he couldn’t get to them. Then he would be waving around the envelope, but because he was so little, people didn’t see him. So I encouraged him to approach people who stopped or slowed down and to use his voice to say, Here’s a blessing for you! That worked, Wyatt was happy to be participating.

7. There was an older couple eating outside Whole Foods and we encouraged Wyatt to give them a blessing envelope. He wanted to take two, and ran up to give them one each. I could tell they had a hard time understanding Wyatt, so urged Robbie to go explain to the couple that Wyatt wanted to give them a blessing and that their friend Sean made them to give away. I notice what seems like Robbie telling them that we don’t know what’s in the envelopes, just that they are blessings. The woman opens her envelope while the kids watch and shows us that it says, Be strong and courageous. Robbie tells us that the man’s says, Joy to the World. They were so happy. Later, when Sean joins up with us, we encourage Robbie to introduce Sean to the couple since he made the blessing envelopes. Afterwards, the couple came up to thank the kids for the blessings and thanked us for bringing our kids out to share God’s love. They were visiting from California for work, involved with a truck rally/conference at the Blaisdell and said that the kids made this their best trip ever.

Like Robbie said, this was the best Family Game Night ever!