Unified … ‘s Next Rising Star!

Dear Unified … family,

We have a rising star in our Unified … family. He is his class president at Kam School and he stepped out to provide his classmates the opportunity to receive prayer by having a prayer box in his classroom. Now he is on youtube.

Check him out! HIs name is Kona Abergas!!!

Wow! Watch him at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGeRo1RAa2M&feature=youtube_gdata_player .

We are so proud of you! But you neva tell me you can sing to!

Going viral???

Pastor Dean

I need to make a correction! Mistakenly I said Kona was the Class President, but he is actually the Vice President of the Choir. Pono Arias is the President of the Class. Wow! The a president and a vice president. We have some really powerful and influential youths in our midst.

We are so proud of all our youth! You are the future of our church, state, and country!

Also as you pray, I found a quote from Bill Johnson which will bless you. Bill says, “I can’t promise that every person I pray for is going to be healed. I’m not at that place yet. But I can ensure that they’re going to be loved.”

What a great reminder that as we pray for people. Remember, God does the healing and our part is to share His love to the people we meet.