My Strategic/Ideation/Activator Maximizer/Adaptability Gift!

Dear Unified … family,

Recently I took an online test recommended by Danny Silk which identified my top 5 strengths.  It was called “Strength Finders 2.0.” The test identified my strengths as strategic, ideation, activator, maximizer, and adaptability.  In simple terms, “I am a person who strategically thinks of ideas to either start things or to improve on what is already there. I guess the Lord knew that I also needed “adaptability” to keep in balance and temper the other four gifts.  He also had to give me a redemptive mercy gift and put me on servant land to fully express my God given design.  Why an I sharing all this?  It really have to do with a suggestion I have for our Unified … families which I have been thinking about.

Here goes …

I realize that many of our couples because of the busyness in raising a family or the lack of family support are not able to have regular dates nights with their significant other.  The more kids and the younger the kids, the harder it gets.  I want to propose an idea which may help.

1) Families partner with other families to share in the responsibility of caring for each other’s children to provide time for a date night. I think it should be a shared thing because our culture is so strongly tied to shame and obligation that it can become less than productive if there is only receiving from one couple and not contributing to others.

a)  I would suggest getting to together with a few couples in your area where you live and work something out to share the load of watching each others kids.  Details can be worked out between the couples.

2) Secondly, I am looking to implement date nights where the church can provide a “quarterly” night out for couples. The church would have an activity where kids could be dropped off so couples can plan to go out with other couples and get to meet people within our fellowship.  This could serve to strengthen the Unified … family bond between the individual families.

Saying this, I feel the second option would work best if it is being first implemented in each home.

I am open to suggestions and feedback. Let me know what you think.  But please keep it short as I may have plenty to read.  Love you all!


Pastor Dean (and Kerry)