Treasure Hunt!! Tonight @ 6:30 pm!

Dear Unified ,,, family,

Tonight is Unified …’s monthly Treasure Hunt! Last month over 70 people ministered to over 200 people throughout Oahu. People were healed, received prophetic words, encouraged, and received Christ. Many people were out on their first treasure hunt and were excited to see how the Lord flowed through them powerfully.

I want to invite you if you would like to join tonight’s hunt! Remember “God rewards risk and not success!” It is fun when you treasure hunt in teams. It’s simple, fun, and a great way to fellowship. Even entire families can participate.

If you are interested, meet at Unified … at 6:30 pm. Paul and Betty Uyeda are the facilitators and will be giving instructions on what to do. Then you will be off to find your God ordained treasure. If you thought easter egg hunts were fun, wait to you experience a treasure hunt!

Hope to see you there.

Pastor Dean