What An Amazing Treasure Hunt!

Dear Unified .., family,

Last night was another amazing Treasure Hunt night. Fifty people formed six groups and went to three locations, Kahala Mall, Ala Moana, and Walmart. They prayed for an estimated 150 people with three salvations. Yah God!

Awesome job Uyeda’s in facilitating the hunt!

I love how the Lord works so I want to share a testimony from Lissa Cockett. This story is sooo God, sooo good, sooo funny, and soo awesome! You are amazing too, Lissa!


Pastor Dean


Treasure Hunting tonight with Paul & Betty leading the way was a redeeming time, the Lord brought a treasure right to me at Ala Moana this evening. I apologize for a long testimony but it was so rich with the hand of God and I wanted to capture what happened without cutting too many corners.

I had “circus” on my location list among many other details.

I was also feeling sluggish about blessing people tonight but honestly I was with 4 youth and was feeling the pressure to be a good example to them, ha!

I wandered into the foodcourt at Ala Moana by myself as the gals & I split up to find our treasures.
I went and stood by the doors leading out of the market to the covered parking when I spotted someone with a circus circus shirt on so I paused to access and plan my next move.

As I stood there a man approached me and immediately told me he was an athiest, moved here from L.A. to write a book about athiests view of GOD…go figure? His name is James.

I asked him if knew anything about Jesus and he laughed and realized that I was probably a Christian based on that question. Regardless, he liked my “vibe” and wanted to chat some more about how Christians are selfish, judging etc

He asked me if I would give him a $1000 no questions asked, thinking that Jesus might do the same.
I told him I would, that I would give him $10,000 if Jesus told me to…no questions asked. He gave me his address in case I get the green light to send him some money, ha!

The Lord told me to ask James about his Mom at one point. He said, so what do you want to know about her? I said, she is still alive right? He said yes. She isnt in your life anymore is she? And he said, no she isnt but she lives somewhere on Oahu and “I am trying to find her”! It sounds like he maybe had some exchanges with her along time ago and he was always upset with her so she has totally kept away from him. He isn’t even sure of her name.

So I asked him, if you don’t know her name, but you know what she looks like and what her occupation is where did you get these clues? He responded reluctantly by pointing up to recognize the LORD! The Lord had given him these clues over the years!

My heart just opened up to pour out everything I have experienced being rejected by MY own parents and family and shared that with James that his Mom didn’t leave “HIM” but it is out of her brokenness that caused this division with NO reflection of who he is…how do I know this I asked, because I have been rejected by parents out of THEIR brokeness, it had NOTHING to do with me.

I told James that my Papa God, however has never forsaken me even though my earthly parents have etc. I told him that in order for him to reach his book writing dreams and the fullness of his destiny that he needed to release his mom from his anger and unforgiveness.

We talked for 30 min’s, much was said. I hadn’t even told him I was on a treasure hunt yet! As the conversation continued he shared he has many health issues and I could see the pain mounting the longer he stood talking to me. He self medicates with alcohol to manage the pain of the illness and the rejection.

So as he stood there I asked him if I could pray to get rid of the pain and he said “no no no” a few times. Finally, I said just stand there (a few feet from me) God is going to relieve you of this pain and without waiting for his response I started praying healing from heaven along with the peace of heaven to cover him. I saw the peace ON him, like a portal opened over him, and could feel the annointing on him, though he wouldnt admit he felt it, he got wrecked…I KNOW HE DID!

I then pulled up JAMES 1:1-5 on my phone and started reading it to him and he actually came over and read it with me! I asked him if he has ever tested out his theories of God by actually asking HIM to take away the pain or bless him financially and he said NO. So I told him he needs to do it, that this meeting wasn’t chance, that the LORD loves him so much to make this divine encounter so he could be reminded of his greatness, that he is AMAZING and so much more.

I told him numerous times what a wonderful man he was and he said “we’ll see” and I replied each time “NO, you ARE amazing right now!” And finally I asked James, “Do you know why I came here tonight in the first place?” It was a riot telling him that I was there to find a treasure and he was IT!

I was so blessed and I know that as I (we all) am able to share my journey and speak into others lives that I get even more healing as God continues to REDEEM! I felt a bit ambushed tonight and can only imagine what James is feeling! Also, James actually came up to ME! God made it so easy and others testified to that tonight as well.

Times are super crazy good with Papa! xxoo Love in Jesus, Lissa