From my heart to yours … Thank you!!!

Dear Unified … family,

Yesterday was a day of wonderful news!  Pastor Gavin and I visited Gene Fujii who is recovering well from his quadruple bypass surgery.  He is still feeling a bit tired and weak, but he looks great!  We got to stay for 10 minutes before Gene had to lay down to rest again.  

That preceded my office visit to my doctor.  I got the results from my latest blood test.  Not only did I lose 14 pounds in a month, but my bad cholesterol level dropped 40 points!  My sugar levels are normal and so I am off the pre-diabetic list. My doctor was amazed!  He said to me, “it is not how much you eat, but what you eat that makes the difference. See you in three months!!! Yipee!!

When I first got the word of being pre-diabetic (I have a family history) I jokingly said to Kerry, “I’ll just see Jesus sooner!” Than the Holy Spirit spoke and said, “Yes, but you will not finish what I have for you to do!” Ouch! Imagine, making it all the way into heaven and finding out this disappointing news.  Thinking that I didn’t finish well put the fear of God in me more than any diagnosis on earth ever could!  So I was instantly motivated to change my diet. I have been avoiding carbohydrates and process sugar.  And Walla!!  Really no exercise, just changing my diet!  Try it!  Of course I will be adding exercise into my lifestyle as this is not an argument against doing it!

My goal is my optimum weight back in High School of 128 pounds.  Unified … are you ready!!! Kerry says, I will be to skinny!  Well, I am finding out skinny is better than sorry!!  

I so appreciate all your prayers and encouragement.  I want to say what we do and how we act do make a difference for the Kingdom!

Love you all!!! What an amazing family we have at Unified …

Don’t forget, this Sunday is Mother’s Day!  This will be my first Mother’s Day without mom!  I am missing her already, but I know she is in a better place having finished her race well.

Prophet Larry Randolph will be our guest speaker!!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful moms at Unified …!  You Rock!!!

See you then!

Pastor Dean