Proverbs 2/26/14 Celebration Service

We went from a cool acronym, KYLO, to a straight, unadulterated, simple, book of the Bible, Proverbs. It’s like Sesame Street’s version of “Which of these things belong together?” Do you remember that song which compared apples to oranges, monkeys to cows, cars to trains?
It has that kind of feel, especially after the powerfully charged last four to five weeks. However, I believe we moved from focusing on one proverb – a very important one – to a multitude of others. Solomon’s words penned under the power of the Holy Spirit set the bar when it came to short powerful sayings that can carry a person’s destiny, a church’s destiny, a country’s destiny.
Think about this one, “Watch over your heart with all diligence for from it flow the issues of life” (Proverbs 4:23). This to some extent is KYLO. To keep our love on we need to watch over our heart with all diligence. Love comes from our heart fueled by the Holy Spirit. There are other powerful sayings like Proverbs 3:5-6, 3:9-10, 4:18. The list goes on and on. I know you will come away with some powerful verses in these next thirty one weeks that will change your life.
We made a good start last week and it will only get better. Please take some time to read chapter two before service.
These are some questions to key on before we meet:
1. What is your favorite proverb and why?
2. Can you share an experience where you had to obey God over obeying this world system? Over the fear of man? (This is another way of wording our homework from last week)
Stay tuned. We may have other questions for your small group time that may pop up during the evening.
God bless you all. See you all tomorrow night.
Pastor John