Healing at the supermarket

Guess what?

My wife and I were food shopping this morning, and this lady with a black brace on her right hand appears in front of me.

I called my wife in Japanese “Inorimasu” Pray for this lady!
So I asked her can I bless your hand. She stopped and said I need that.
So I held her right risk while my wife touched her right shoulder. I just started conversing saying what happened and she said I can’t write. My wife said fine motor and in less than 30 seconds, we asked her to write something for us.
She did and said it is better so we continued a few more seconds asking for full recovery, and she was surprised and said she had to go. My wife felt the heat in this cold area of the dairy products, and I had chicken skin.
She wrote on a piece of paper and said I could not do that. She crumpled up the paper, however, I had to ask for it back because on the back we had our shopping list. She said thank you.
I said God healed you and she was gone.
Wow! This was fun! And the fastest healing I ever experienced in public.
I don’t know if she was Christian. I should have asked?