Right Wrist Healed

At our last Wednesday Night Celebration service a word was spoken for healing in the right wrist. 4 People were healed. Praise God!


At our last Unified… Celebration Service we heard great testimonies from those who came back from our annual Staff/Family retreat. The kids all had a wonderful time and families shared how they felt love and joy of the Lord while spending time with each other. Our Unified… family is growing in love together.

Ankle Pain Gone

Prayed for a teacher over the phone.  Called and asked if she needed prayer for anything especially for physical healing.  She said as a matter of a fact I do.  I have ankle pain.  She said she has pain in her ankle after sitting or not moving it for long periods of time.  She said the pain can get to about a 6 daily.

Prayed a simple prayer and commanded the pain to leave her and that she wouldn’t experience any more pain in her ankle as she sits or rest for long periods of time.  Told her to text me later if she notices no pain as the night goes on.  Texted her the next morning to thank her for letting me pray and to check what happened.  Also texted “if your ankle gets sore again to say/pray “pain go in Jesus name” out loud.  Try it several times & lmk what happens.”

Here is her response:  Hi! God is good!  As of when I spoke to you last night and we prayed my ankle pain went away.  Just wanted to check this morning to be sure it was gone  And it is!  Thank you so much for your faithfulness and your prayers and I will keep you posted how it goes and I will definitely use your words when I pray.  God bless you and have a great day!

Monday Night Laulima Ministries

Monday Night Laulima Ministries Healing service starts at 6:30pm every Monday.

Spiritual Freedom

At a recent womenʻs meeting and Sunday Celebration service many women were healed and set free through prayer and are now able to live in a new freedom in the spirit. Praise God for the Freedom!

Hip Pain Healed

At our last Friday morning prayer meeting a woman was healed of hip pain. Praise God!